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Coming back From Hell--A DV story

ladytech started this conversation

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 OK I’m going to tell you a story.  You may think it is bogus but it is 100% true.  I will call this excerpt “Fighting back against Domestic Violence”.   Nascar (the girl) had moved away form her abuser.  Out of state this time.  She was bound and determined to cut him out of her life for good this time.  But after a while in the shelter she began to talk to him again.  Of course right…  He tells her everything that she wanted to hear.  Even though she felt it was a lie she fell for his charm again.   She packed up her 2 young boys and drove her raggedy old Honda Accord almost 2000 miles across the country back to the man who used to beat on her to try to start over the family they never had.  Of course it was all a lie.  It was a trick to get her back and control her life, as all abusers love to do.  The cycle begins again.  He puts her in someone’s basement apt. And makes sure she has no phone.  He will not give her any money to do anything so car insurance is out of the question.  What can she do?  The only thing she has is a computer and the internet. She uses one important tool and some others to dig her way back onto solid ground.  She became independent of this jerk with a $100 investment in herself and her kids.  I f you want to know what free site helped me get out of my DV hole send me a message and I can help you through it.   Sometimes you need a little info to help you grow in life.  Pass it on  I want to help anyone who wants the help. Ladytech aka NASCAR
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